Birthday Marketing

Here are some fun facts:

Every day, approximately 1/365 of the population is celebrating their birthday. Therefore, in a town with a population of 100,000:

1. 273 people have their birthday today
2. 1918 people will have their birthday this week
3. 8219 people will have their birthday this month

Couple that with the average spend on a birthday meal ($78)… would you ignore those numbers?

Even at a 1% conversion, that could be an additional:

1. $212 per day
2. $1490 per week
3. $6388 per month
4. $76,658 per year

If your business is currently in a position to handle more customers.  We’ve been working with a concept that helps businesses get more customers routinely and has been working extremely well.   We are able to identify those local residents within the city who have a birthday within one week.  We are able to put your business in front of those people and drive them into your business.  This model works so well that we’ve had to limit the number of businesses we can work with in a city.  If you would like to see if this is a good fit for your business contact us.

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